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RDY Protein Meal, our high protein drinkable meal that replaces a balanced meal - developed by Thomas Müller and ESN.

With proteins, carbohydrates, fiber, vitamins and more, our drinkable meal provides you with all the important nutrients you need anytime and anywhere. More than full. RDY.

  • 1 RDY = 1 meal

  • Satisfies for several hours

  • With 38g protein

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The RDY Protein Meal is a balanced meal replacement with all macro and essential micronutrients such as proteins, vitamins and minerals. With 495 kcal per 500 ml bottle, the drinkable meal provides you with the optimum calorie intake from all essential nutrients for a full meal. What makes it so special compared to similar drinkable meals is that we have brought Thomas Müller into the development team, an experienced professional who knows what is important in a balanced meal and how important nutrition is for maximum performance in everyday life and sport. The result: more protein, more fiber, less fat and maximum taste.2 With our drinkable meal, you are not only ideally nourished and satiated for 3 to 5 hours, but you can also look forward to special creaminess and delicious varieties.

A 500 ml RDY Protein Meal provides you with a full 38g of protein, up to 37g of carbohydrates, 12g of valuable fiber, up to 20g of fat, 27 vitamins and minerals and an incredibly delicious taste in many varieties. No added sugar, lactose or gluten.3,4

For everyone who is looking for a balanced drink and wants to be optimally supplied with micro and macronutrients such as proteins, vitamins and more, even in hectic everyday life or on the go.


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