Cologne list

What is the Cologne List®?

The Cologne List® published by the Olympiastützpunkt Rheinland is a product database and contains a list of nutritional supplements that have been tested for unauthorized ingredients. The aim of the Cologne List® is to reduce the risk of athletes being exposed to doping-relevant substances in food supplements.

ESN is committed and can be found on the Cologne List®!

ESN submits to a voluntary self-test and has had a selection of ESN products tested for anabolic-androgenic steroids and stimulants by an independent doping research center. No unauthorized ingredients were found. Cologne List® product database.

The following ESN products are listed on the Cologne List®:

Ashwa Pro
Athlete Stack: Men
Athlete Stack: Women
Boostea, Infused Ice Tea Peach
Collagen Peptides, Lemon
Crank Energy, Original
Crank Energy, Tropical
Crank Energy, White
Creatine Giga Caps
Daily, Apple Cranberry
Designer Whey, Cinnamon Cereal
Designer Whey 1000g stand-up pouch, Vanilla
EAA, Cola
Electrolyte Powder, Natural Lemon
ISOCLEAR Whey Isolate, Fresh Cherry
ISOCLEAR Whey Isolate, Green Apple
ISOCLEAR Whey Isolate, LemonIced Tea
ISOCLEAR Whey Isolate, Peach Iced Tea
Iso Whey-Hardcore, Vanilla Ice Cream
Iso Whey Protein, Vanilla Milk
Magnesium Capsules
Night Spray, Green Apple
Omega-3 Vegan
Omega-3 Capsules
RDY Protein Meal, Banana
RDY Protein Meal, Milk Chocolate
RDY Protein Meal, Vanilla

Solid Joints Capsules
Ultrapure Creatine Monohydrate Powder
Ultrapure L-Glutamine Powder
Vitamin D3+K2 Spray, Cherry
Vitamin B12 Spray, Lime

Note: All other flavors are not listed, but go through the same production process and differ only in flavor.