A revolution for your performance.

Push Harder. Endure Longer. Return Faster.


The base

The daily basis for every hybrid athlete.
Perfect Base

Our Perfect Base enhances your speed and performance for endurance training.

Set the base for personal bests!

  • 14% faster in 12 weeks

  • Supports oxygen delivery and muscle recovery

  • Optimal hydration and nutrient delivery

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The performance

The innovative pre-workout booster for hybrid athletes
Perfect Pre

Our Perfect Pre primes you with the energy you need for your greatest endurance training yet.

Boost your performance to the next level!

  • Improves VO2max

  • Enhances lactate buffering

  • Perfect energy provision

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The Recovery

The support for hybrid athletes to get back to peak performance faster.
Perfect Rec

Our Perfect Rec maximises your recovery, enabling you to get back to training faster than ever.

Recover faster and bounce back sooner!

  • Maximises recovery and reduces muscle soreness

  • Replenishes glycogen stores

  • Improves blood circulation and lactate clearance

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Our Athletes

Megan Jacoby

Hyrox Vice World Champion

"Knowing that ESN upholds the highest quality standards in their supplements was a major factor in my decision to join the team. The support and education provided by the team, ensuring that I know exactly what to take and when, to maximise my performance, has been key! I'm thrilled to be an ESN Athlete!"

Alexander Rončević

Hyrox European Champion

"A brand that develops and manufactures its products itself and also supplies the best athletes worldwide, what more could you want! For me personally, the products are a welcome addition to my diet and, above all, support me in building strength and regeneration between training sessions My body is always well supplied and ready for the next unit."

Luke Storath

First Hyrox World Champion

"For me, ESN stands for quality and trust. The athlete always comes first. We work to give the athlete the best possible support in their sport. The products help me to regenerate faster and increase performance. In addition, the Endurance Line an absolute boost for my performance.

FAQ Endurance Line

The products are specially designed for strength-endurance and endurance sports and are therefore ideal for all athletes who want to take their performance to the next level and achieve new best times. We have developed the products together with and for the best athletes in the world, our team of experts and unprecedented ingredients. And that makes us, ESN, the only company in the world to bring this innovative formula to the market.

Until now, the focus of the ESN product range has been on strength sports, i.e. products that support you in building and maintaining muscle and optimizing strength training. With the new product line, we have focused on strength-endurance and endurance sports in order to develop the best products on the market for these athletes too: Together with experts and athletes, we have designed products to help you improve your endurance performance. The products contain ingredients that specifically target oxygen supply, VO2max, lactate buffering, energy supply, hydration, nutrient supply, regeneration and mitochondrial efficiency.

Perfect Base: consume daily, preferably in the morning.

Perfect Pre: consume approx. 30 minutes before your training session or competition.

Perfect Rec: take within approx. 60 minutes after your training session

Yes, our production is FSSC 22000 certified. FSSC 22000 ("Food Safety System Certification 22000") is an internationally recognised independent certification system for food safety and purity. This certification complies with one of the highest international quality standards and covers the entire supply chain from raw materials to production. Therefore, the FSSC 22000 certification is comprehensive and goes beyond just selective analysis of certain laboratory parameters in the final product, as influenced by customer sampling.

In addition to the FSSC 22000 certification, our products are also listed on the Cologne List, an initiative from the sports sector which lists dietary supplements and sports nutrition with minimised doping risk. You can find all the products listed on the Cologne List here:


Now new: the free training plans from ESN. Developed with world-class experts and athletes, we push you to your limits.

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