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Meeting daily nutritional needs with protein puddings

High Protein Pudding Gläser

Are high-protein puddings healthy? You've probably seen a lot of high-protein products like shakes, bars, or puddings in the supermarket, marketed mainly for muscle building. However, a protein pudding can also support you in a diet with weight reduction or for weight maintenance. But only if you know what is important and you use the right protein pudding for you with healthy nutritional values.

In our guide you will learn why High-protein pudding is healthy is, how to use it for your goals, and what to look for.


What is a high protein pudding?

By nature, all dairy products have protein - so do puddings and so-called protein puddings. To be called "high-protein," the caloric value of such a product must consist of at least 20 percent protein. One gram of protein provides 4.1 kilocalories. If a product contains a total of 100 kilocalories, it would therefore have to contain at least around 5 grams of protein to be allowed to carry the "high-protein" label. In contrast, products that are only declared as a "protein source" only require 12 percent protein from the calorific value, so for every 100 kilocalories analogously about 3 grams of protein.

Especially high-protein products thus contain more protein than ordinary products. Our ESN Protein Pudding powder for mixing contains per serving (30 grams of powder) about 23 grams of protein and no added sugar. The calorific value thus consists of almost 85 percent protein - you see, this is significantly more than an ordinary pudding from the supermarket and thus the ideal protein pudding for a diet.

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What proteins make a high protein pudding healthy?

Protein Struktur

The protein in protein pudding is often composed of various ingredients, including animal and vegetable protein sources. Commonly found are milk, soy, rice, pea, whey and casein protein. Milk proteins such as Whey and Casein make puddings vegetarian, but even purely plant-based protein puddings become healthy with the right composition, vegan variant for weight loss.

In the proteins are amino acids that your body needs every day. Eight of these it cannot produce itself, so it is especially important to get a sufficient amount of protein in your diet every day. How much protein you need daily depends on your body weight and your activity level.

A rule of thumb for a predominantly sedentary lifestyle is 0.8 grams per kilo.[1],[2] With an average weight of 80 kilograms, that would still be 64 grams of protein daily. Who would like to develop muscles, needs already up to 2.4 grams per kilogram - and lies thereby with 192 grams protein per day on 80 kilograms of body weight. By the way, a lot doesn't help much: Taking in more protein than you need doesn't mean you'll also build up more muscle.

Whey and soy protein in particular are known for their numerous nutrients, which are often added to other foods,[3] for example as protein powders in shakes, cereals, yogurt or puddings. So a protein pudding can also be a healthy addition to your diet.

How does high-protein pudding taste, integrated healthily into my diet?

Like protein shakes, protein puddings evolve regularly. Meanwhile, these high-protein foods come in different flavors for different tastes. Especially protein pudding with Whey protein could perform well according to a study compared to other protein puddings and is, according to scientists, a healthy pudding alternative with lots of protein - by the way, also for children.[4]

ESN Protein Pudding comes in Chocolate and Vanilla varieties, both with an incredibly creamy consistency. For even more flavor, you can combine our pudding powder with fruits or our flavor powder ESN Flav'n Tasty in many varieties, for example Cherry Yogurt, Chocolate Fudge or Cinnamon Star. This turns your protein pudding into a taste sensation - and healthy, without any added sugar or fats!

Who is protein pudding suitable and healthy for?

Not everyone needs protein-rich foods or protein puddings, for example if you eat a balanced diet and only exercise occasionally. However, in the following situations, you can benefit from high-protein pudding in a healthy way:

  • If you're starting out with a new exercise program or increasing intensity, which should increase your protein intake.
  • If you're on a vegetarian or vegan diet and eating few, high-protein products like legumes.
  • If you are low in protein even on a diet that includes legumes and animal sources of protein such as dairy protein.
  • If you want to reduce your body weight with a low carb diet.

In these situations, protein puddings can be healthy for you, as they provide a balanced diet and balance between fats, carbohydrates and proteins or support your muscle recovery with sufficient proteins during increased training intensity.[5] In general, however, they should be one thing for you: a tasty snack without a guilty conscience.

What do high-protein products do?

High-protein products contain more protein than ordinary products of the same type, for example 30 percent more protein than ordinary puddings. Scientists also found that people who ate a lot of protein at lunch (71.5 percent) were less hungry before dinner and consumed 31 percent fewer calories as a result.[6]

So adding high-protein products to your meals in a healthy way can increase your feeling of fullness and help you eat fewer calories overall. This is especially helpful if you want to decrease fat tissue during a muscle-defining phase or lose weight in general. Here it is enough if you eat proteins as well as carbohydrates, because: A third group had consumed both proteins and carbohydrates and still ate only 11 percent more calories in the evening than the group with almost exclusively carbohydrate-rich foods.[7]

What are the benefits of a high-protein pudding?

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A high-protein pudding can do more than just help you build muscle: It additionally provides you with valuable proteins for a balanced diet. Furthermore, a protein pudding can fill you up in a healthy way and lead you to eat fewer calories at the next meal.[8] For this reason, protein puddings may even be suitable for losing or maintaining your weight.

Are protein puddings good for weight loss?

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A protein pudding with the right nutrients is healthy and, thanks to its high protein content, is also suitable for weight loss, as protein promotes a feeling of satiety and fewer calories need to be consumed until full[9].

Nevertheless, you need a calorie deficit to lose weight - but here, too, proteins were able to prove in a study on 12 women that they can contribute to a lower calorie intake at the next meal thanks to the higher feeling of satiety[10] and thus the participants eat less.

Especially when losing weight, our ESN Protein Pudding supports you, because the proteins contained in the protein powder for weight loss come from casein. These are absorbed by the body more slowly than, for example, Whey protein and saturate you longer, which makes it easier for you to consume fewer calories and easier to get into a calorie deficit without starving. If you're on a vegan diet but still want to enjoy high-protein products in a healthy way, try our ESN Vegan Designer Protein.

Can you build muscle healthily with a protein pudding?

Muskelaufbau durch Protein Pudding

Just like with protein shakes, you can build muscle healthily with a high-protein pudding. To do this, you need a higher protein intake through ingredients such as milk protein and the right amount of protein for your body weight. Whey protein has proven to be particularly beneficial because the body can quickly absorb the proteins from this protein source. Especially after sports, Whey provides the body with nutritional values needed for muscle regeneration as well as muscle building.[11],[12] In our guide "Whey Isolate vs Protein" you will find a comparison of the different Whey varieties in our store.

If you want to build up muscles, you need a lot of protein: According to experts, you need between 1.4 and 2 grams per kilogram of body weight[13] - that's between 98 and 140 grams at a body weight of 70 kg, so you should make sure you get the necessary protein intake when building up muscles.

Are high-protein products healthy overall?

To the question "Is high-protein pudding healthy?" the short answer is: possibly yes.[14] Protein puddings or protein shakes can behealthy if you generally consume too little protein or have an increased need.

Be sure to look for high-quality protein powders and how they are made. If you suffer from kidney disease, you should also be careful not to exceed the daily intake recommendation.[15]

Even if you want to lose weight, maintain your weight or gain weight, you can use protein pudding. For example, to lose weight, replace a meal with a pudding; to maintain weight, use a pudding as a dessert to increase your feeling of fullness; and to build muscle or gain weight, eat a pudding before or after a workout in addition to your regular meals.

Note that while high-protein pudding can work healthily as a dietary supplement, you shouldn't replace all your meals with a pudding.

Bottom line: is protein pudding healthy?

The question "Are protein puddings healthy?" can't be answered in a blanket way. As long as you don't have kidney disease, protein puddings can help you meet your daily protein needs and provide you with the amino acids you need. Overall, protein puddings aren't unhealthy if you use them consciously and responsibly.

Whether you want to maintain your weight, gain weight, or lose weight, you can use protein pudding in different ways depending on the composition of protein sources like milk protein. Our ESN Protein Pudding, with its casein protein, is particularly suitable for weight loss and weight maintenance by keeping you fuller longer and helping to prevent cravings. It also provides you with amino acids and tastes creamy delicious chocolate or vanilla with or without milk.

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